Video Review: How to learn any language in six moths

I am strongly interested in language learning, and I know five languages.  Surfing the internet, I found this curious video, and I’d like to share.  Personally, the principles and the actions are right, but I wonder which level a person reach and how long it takes.  To make it clear, we should think about the precise definition of ‘fluent’.  I don’t think we can acquire native level within 6 months, but maybe we can use a new language enough to live on.   

Still, it is a good video to share with students or learners so that they get to know what they should be conscious during language classes. 

5 Principles:

  • Focus on language content that is relevant to you
  • Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1
  • When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language
  • Physiological training
  • Psycho-physiological state matters

Shortly, learn a new language from content you want to use in the language.  Contents which you’ve already been familiar with is preferable.  Think its acquisition is a part of physical training, and use it to communicate with others in a good circumstance, ie happy, relieved and curious.

7 Actions:

  • Listen a lot (brain soaking)
  • Focus on getting the meaning first (before the words)
  • Start mixing
  • Focus on the core
  • Get a language parent
  • Copy the face
  • “Direct connect” to mental images

First of all, the sufficient amount of input is crucially important.  To learn words or phrase, we should know the core of them and once we remember some words, we should use them with ‘a language parent’.  When we remember a word, we should imagine the meaning of the words.  As he mentioned as a principle, language learning is like physiological training, and so copying how to move the face is important.

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