Capture video might be an easier way to tell how to use files.

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At school, I have made many manuals to share how to do tasks. Some of them include how to use computers and I have had difficulties with how to convey them clearly.  Writing down all the steps is tiresome and even few steps are missed or are abbreviated students/teachers who are not familiar with using computers get lost.

I found a good way to overcome it with Chromebook, using capture video. The function is originally installed in each device and easy to find; pushing ctrl + alt + video mark. Yesterday, I took a video with it to tell teachers how to make settings to limit students comments on their Google classrooms, to prevent students misuse. 

 Since that function is so convenient, I wanted to find if it is applicable on Windows. It is; only with Windows + G. I wonder if the keyboard, G, means Game originally to take Game captions.


Windows 10 の標準機能で画面録画の動画とキャプチャを撮る方法「スクリーンショット」
富士通Q&A - [Windows 10] マウスポインターの大きさや色を変更する方法を教えてください。 - FMVサポート : 富士通パソコン
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